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What is Geomarketing?Examples and Types of Geomarketing

Geomarketing is any marketing practice that uses location intelligence to improve the likelihood of local prospects finding your business. This is..


Geomarketing is any marketing practice that uses location intelligence to improve the likelihood of local prospects finding your business. This is extremely important if you serve a specific location.

These days people know that if you want to market to potential customers near you, you have to attract them to your website. While there are many ways to do this, using geomarketing such as local SEO, PPC geotargeting, and beacon technology can increase the odds that you’ll find more people in your area who can use your services. With this type of marketing, companies can easily target people in their areas. Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other Geo Listing Services help businesses market their products and services online every day by using geo-marketing services.

Table of Contents

  1. 1Rank in Google Search with Local SEO
  2. 2Get Listed or Claim Your Listing on Google My Business
  3. 3Show Up On Top With Geo Targeted PPC Campaigns
  4. 4Other Types of Geomarketing

Rank in Google Search with Local SEO

Over 6 billion people make Google searches every day. This being said, it’s very important to come up on the top of the search engine results and if you serve a specific location, it’s important that you rank for your service location/s. In order to do this, you need to practice local SEO or location search engine optimization. With local SEO you can target a specific location so that you show up when someone in your area is searching for a business like yours.

Optimizing your website with location-specific keyphrases, creating location pages, and keyphrase analysis are just a few ways you can help your website show up and stand out on search engines.

Get Listed or Claim Your Listing on Google My Business

Go to Google and type in your company’s name. A map locating your business and address probably pops up. This lets people know exactly where you’ll be located. Hopefully, it’s near them so that they can use your services. With geo-marketing, people don’t have to wonder where you’re located. It saves time and lets them find you easier and faster.

What do people use GMB for?

People use google my business (GMB) to research businesses’ products and services in their area as well as to post and read reviews. This can be extremely useful in order to weed through all of the available options. Not only can potential customers find businesses in your area but also see how other people have ranked them. This can will help them decide which services they want to use and which ones they don’t.

This is why it’s so important to create a Google or claim your business listing. If the wrong people get access to your google my business listing, they can send customers to a different location by website address or phone. They can even add wrong photos, videos, coupons, and more. The bottom line is that you want to be the one to claim your business, not someone else.

Show Up On Top With Geo Targeted PPC Campaigns

Geotargeted pay per click advertising is a great way to immediately appear on the top of your local search engines. As soon as your ads are approved you will start to appear at the top of the search engines. PPC ads are a great way to get quicker results, but it’s detrimental to know how to set them up. In order to make this marketing tactic work, you will need to know what you’re doing. We help our clients with PPC ads every day.

A few tips to get started with a good targeted PPC campaign are;

1. Create ad copy that is compelling for your audience and is optimized for the location you would like to target.
2. Make sure you have the correct location selected. You can select a country, city, multiple cities, or even just a town. The options are nearly limitless.
3. Be sure to exclude prospects who have only visited your target area or like your target area, but don’t live there.

Social Media Ads and Geolocation

You can also use geolocation to help create social media ads to target customers. You can target countries where your products are sold or even specific areas. Using postal codes is a great way to really zero in on an area you’re looking to target.

Another way geolocation can be used in social media ads is to select a radius of location. You can choose a distance around a specific location or target a group of locations in one country. If you target a group, you can choose up to 1,000 locations within one country. There is also the option of excluding certain areas you don’t want your ads to be seen. By using geolocation, you have a better chance of targeting people who are most likely to use your products or services because they are in your area. You’re also not wasting your time marketing to people who are most likely not going to patronize your business because you’re too far away.

Other Types of Geomarketing

There are other types of geomarketing that can be helpful when you want to market your business to people who are likely to use your services. When you can combine different tactics you can increase your chance of being seen.


Geofencing is when the customer’s mobile device is used as a GPS location instead of using their IP address. Once their location is determined, the administrator can set up ways to communicate with customers via text message, email alert, or app notification when their mobile device enters or exits a certain area. With geofencing, businesses can help to trigger immediate sales by targeting customers based on their physical location. The bonus is that the GPS location updates itself if the customer moves. This results in more timely and relevant messaging and alerts.


Geoconquesting is a clever way to draw consumers away from the competition. Instead of creating a geofence around your business, you can create one around your competitor’s. You can use this to bring their potential customers to your business by offering them more enticing deals.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology allows you to be more precise in the way you target your audience, even more precisely than geofencing. A beacon is a small device that can receive location data from any nearby mobile device using Bluetooth. The beacons are especially useful because they can be used in areas that don’t have good cell reception since they are Bluetooth-based.

Since the beacon can give a customer’s exact location, marketers can direct customers to products they would most likely be interested in. This is a great way to really give customers what they’re looking for.

Beacon Technology can be an extremely useful tool for marketers as long as the customer has their Bluetooth turned on and is within the beacon’s range. Another thing to remember with Beacon Technology is that it can be difficult to use on public property at times since they have to be physically placed and monitored.


Geomarketing is an extremely useful way to bring in customers because you are hyper-targeting them. When you’re looking at geomarketing, it’s important to realize the variety of tools at your fingertips. From local SEO to geofencing and Beacon Technology, being aware of what’s out there can lead you to find the right tools to benefit your business.

If you have questions or need help with your geomarketing strategy then our internet marketing specialists  can help. Just give us a call at 919-341-8901 or fill out our inquiry form to get started.

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