Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Anibal Arbacas Gil gives us a glimpse into the Guadalajara Technology Scene

CTO of Wizeline, Aníbal Arbacas Gil, defines his tech company as an American company with a Mexican heart. That's because Wizeline - a global..


CTO of Wizeline, Aníbal Arbacas Gil, defines his tech company as "an American company with a Mexican heart." That's because Wizeline - a global technology services provider - is headquartered in San Francisco but has its biggest office is in Guadalajara, Mexico.

In the episode of the American Dream podcast, Aníbal explains why Wizeline invested in Guadalajara, what the tech scene looks like across Mexico today, and he gives advice to other American companies, including Drift, who are thinking about establishing a base in Guadalajara.

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Title: A Look Into The Guadalajara Tech Scene With Aníbal Arbacas Gil
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