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What is Digital Transformation? (with Ingram Micro - CXOTalk #739

What is Digital Transformation? (with Ingram Micro - CXOTalk #739

Digital transformation is a defining trend for businesses today. Businesses of all sizes, in all industries, and in all geographies are rethinking how they operate — and investing in new technologies, processes and talent — to drive growth in the digital age. But what exactly is digital transformation? And how can your business prepare for this new shift? The Chief Digital Officer at Ingram Micro, with over 35,000 employees and $50 billion in revenue, Sanjib Sahoo, shares his thoughts on driving digital transformation at scale.

This discussion includes these topics:
-- About Ingram Micro
-- What is a Chief Digital Officer?
-- What is digital transformation?
-- Digital transformation challenges and goals
-- Digital strategy and customer engagement
-- Digital transformation and corporate culture
-- What are key metrics and KPIs for digital transformation?
-- Digital transformation and supply chain logistics
-- Talent management for digital transformation and innovation

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Sanjib Sahoo serves as executive vice president and chief digital officer for Ingram Micro Inc. His responsibilities include leading the digital transformation and modernization of the company’s customer-facing platforms, including applications, subscription services and consumption models for billing. Sahoo joined Ingram Micro in June 2021.

He has authored numerous technology models and white papers on Risk and Innovation Leadership, Leadership Development, Innovative Marketing, Open Source Architecture, and Mobile Strategy, and holds several patents on Dynamic Communications and Streaming for Mobile Devices. He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and a contributor to Wired and the Harvard Business Review.


Title: What is Digital Transformation? (with Ingram Micro) - CXOTalk #739
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